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At ConciergeMoves, we want to help with anything and everything you need to ensure a smooth move and a beautiful, organized new home. Our most popular services are listed below, including those that are part of our standard package. Need something that you don’t see? Just ask.


We will meet with you to discuss goals and challenges and walk through your home. You’ll receive a detailed plan to streamline your move. (included in standard package)


Your organizer will help plan and execute your downsizing goals. We’ll help you decide what stays and what goes and then manage the process – junk removal, donations, auctions, etc. (add-on service)

Space Planning

Let us help map out the perfect layout and storage plan for your new home. You’ll know what will work best in each room; this will help packing, purchasing and purging decisions. (add-on service)

New Home Prep

We can assess if the new home is ready to meet the organizational needs of your family. We’ll tackle standard storage areas like drawers, closets, attics, basements, garages, and get organizational structures in place to ensure neat, tidy, and efficient spaces. (add-on service)


Our movers are available to pack as much or as little of your home as you need. Your organizer can help with a process that will include color-coding by room, and the movers will follow the plan to make sure offloading and unpacking is straightforward. (add-on service)

Move Day Oversight

Your organizer will map out the day and manage all the little details. They’ll troubleshoot, oversee movers, ensure special items are treated appropriately, keep everyone fed and hydrated, and more – so you don’t have to worry about it. (included in standard package)


A professional team of movers will load boxes and furniture onto the truck per the organizer’s direction. They will provide safe transport to the destination and carefully unload all items into right rooms. (included in standard package)


Now that you’ve arrived, your organizer can help with all the unpacking (and if needed, removal of related debris). If you don’t want to be dealing with boxes for months to come, having an expert by your side can be a huge help. (add-on service)

New Home Set Up

Your organizer will create appealing and functional spaces that meet your family’s needs. Kitchens, bedrooms and playrooms are the most common areas of focus, followed by garages, basements and home offices. (add-on service)

One customer’s feedback

“I loved the idea of having a concierge for my move and it was totally worth it. I had no time to think through how to get my family’s stuff in order and would have paid way too much to have movers pack it up. Then I would have had to deal with it all on the other end or just had boxes laying around for months. But my organizer ran the show with my input and got rid of so many things we never used. When we moved in to the new house she got everything organized and stored in a useful (and pretty) way based specifically on our family’s habits and lifestyle. It was great and I’m sure I’ll be reaching out for more help in the new year!
– Susan R. Philadelphia PA